Attempt 1.0 kids jumper!

Joy! got some acidy vibrant coloured left over yarns in ma basket and its destined for an awesome (i am hopeful) sweater for a kid who wants to be seen , well don't they all?


I wish it would fit me...

So am just in the process of updating my Etsy page ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/ElmoFors?ref=si_shop) and oooh pricing is HARD! I mean, everyone making stuff for sale knows this, but browsing around looking for inspiration leaves you completely dumbfounded - things sell so cheap! I know I probably don't have the same target market as H&M and Primark, but it is crazy to see things beeing sold so cheaply when you know how much time you would spend on it yourself. OK, so a more streamlined way of doing business, producing overseas and having a gazillion shopfronts does take the prices down and profits up, but hey, hand made - nope, wouldn't call it that. And hand made in any case - by whom. 

Anyway, prices for fashionable goods are a constant cunundrum for me, but I finally got around to product pics, descriptions and, yes, pricing. Any comments warmly welcomed!

This one just out by the way - a onesie to giggle yourself to a state of frenzy for (to die for sounds too harsh)!

I love making these little gems, keeps me fantasizing about the day when everyone, and I mean everyone, everywhere all the time, would skip those smart casual white-to-grey-to-black wardrobes and join me for a feast in colour!


Can i eat that?

So i have just recently been made aware some people actually count calories! See, here i was thinking that counting cals were just for fitness fanatics, but nope. There are apps for you phone even, where you put in what you eat and it can calculate how many cals you have left for the day (which from what i hear usually ends on none but you gotta eat,right?).

So is it unuseful calculations to fill those all-too-important extra braincells with activity or is calorie counting a perfect way to keep yourself in check if you know you have a tendency to eat more than you think you should?

I have only seen girls doing this (over the lunch table none-the-less), do guys fibble around crunching calories back and forth, up and down-as well?

While writing this, a thought comes to mind- CONTROL.

In the abundance we live in cheap, fast and bad is presented as "afternoon snacks" i have to mention just finishing reading 'the life of pi'!
Awesome story about a sixteen-yearold son of a zookeeper who gets shipwrecked for 227 days in a small boat with a bengali tiger. Speaking of food, it was an interesting book to read...

Pi ate everything, and everything off of everything, in a manner of pure survival. I caught myself glancing at everyday objects thinking- can i eat this?

So to round this up, i do not count calories, nor do i intend to start.
But i am however extatic to count up my walking every day- 2 hours! now that i wouldn't do just for funsies, i need to.


Monster kid!

Awesome hoodie!!!!!!
Don't know where it's from, who sells it but helluva yeah, good idea!


Funsie onesies

A full day of shopping and fixing and i am heading home with these garish combo which is destined for another couple of monster onesies!

Commute by train- a strained relationship

Am currently commuting brighton- london, how do people do it? I mean what's the dealio, in a perfect world you'd get refunded every hour you are spending on commuting. Like an account of hours to take out when you need them. Then, it would make sense.

Now, i know this has to do with making choices and living with them, im just saying, in an ideal world, it would make sense to disregard time when you just wait to get where you have to be.